Monday, December 28, 2009

Website to Launch January 2010

I am pleased to announce the unveiling of my new site. The artist website is scheduled to launch early in the new year and will contain recent and selected works from the last decade. This includes sketches, cut paper work (the last five years) and beginning works in painting and drawing.

The website will open a store TBA this year. For more information, continue to read this blog. Happy New Year 2010 and thanks for your support! Here is to a new decade! Love, Ryan

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Recession, death and rebirth.

Recession, Death and Rebirth 01, 2009 (detail)

For the last couple of years, my process of making art was experimental with different mediums and methods. I recently came back to cutting paper after a vision for working with the materials in a new light.

When I moved to Brooklyn in September, I was really strapped for cash and turned to found objects as resources for a new series of work. The sidewalks offer plenty of tossed out books that I found useful. In this time of famine and insecurity, the mood feels very black and white. I also started to make very delicate cuts to create circular patters, a feeling that I have been going through often, trying to find my way, unemployed, barbed and bitter, but also pleasantly inspired by my new home of New York City.

Recession, Death and Rebirth 02, 2009 (detail)